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Grain Bin Painters specializes in making farms, businesses, and industrial facilities look great—and last longer. We are committed to working closely with you to make sure you get the exact paint job you envision, and the best possible protection for your


The column of grain in the center of the bin has a cross-sectional area of exactly 1.25 square feet (sq. ft.). Each foot of column height contains one bushel (one bushel equals 1.25 cubic feet). Figure 1. Grain bin cross section with a 1.25 square foot ar

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The Grain Handling Safety Coalition Facebook page has 500 likes! THANK YOU to everyone for their support. Please continue to share information about GHSC at your coop, on your farm, or …

Why Grain Storage Bin Rescues Are Risky And Complex : NPR

Mar 28, 2013 · Why Grain Storage Bin Rescues Are Risky And Complex Grain bin entrapments are so common that some rural fire departments have specially trained teams and customized equipment to rescue victims ...

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Grain Bin Leg 110 ft tall, approx. 2,000 bu per hr., also being sold on the same auction is 40,000 bu grain bin, (2) 30,000 bu grain bin and dryer, call with any questions $12,240 for tear down professionally and labeled for reassembly and ready for shipp

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There is such a thing as too close for comfort when it comes to grain bins and power lines. It’s not just the massive metal structure sitting next to hanging high-voltage lines. There’s also ...

What you need to know about grain bin aeration

2015-7-24 · Cutting through the clutter on bin aeration. ... Installed in the bin prior to grain placement, these sensors are mounted on cables suspended from the ceiling of the bin and run through the depth of the structure. ... That debate raged back an

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Cool grain til January, then seal the bin until July. Let the grain warm up naturally through the walls of the bin. And then if you are going to store the grain for another year. Unseal the bin and apply the fans using #7 until January. This will keep the

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grain or not. In addition, they may question whether to use natural air or heated air in aerating grain in the bins. These two questions are essen­ tial because of the economic implica­ tions associated with them. This fact sheet attempts to provide a str

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You are a farmer who uses an accrual method of accounting. You keep your books on the calendar year basis. You sell grain in December 2019 but you are not paid until January 2020. Because you use the accrual method, you report the grain sale in 2019 becau

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AccuGrain can be placed in any location with free-flowing grain. This makes for an ideal in-flow measurement device for farmers, cooperatives, ethanol plants and anyone who handles moving grain. Both new and old facilities can utilize this technology with

Seconds to Tragedy: Grain Safety for Young Workers

2017-2-1 · Carroll grain bin tragedy, the video provides a poignant look at the need to educate young workers about safety and encourage them to Stand T.A.L.L. (Talk, Ask, Learn, Live) - speak up and ask questions before tragedy strikes forever impacting

Using Supplemental Heat to Manage Grain in the Bin

2018-9-27 · must manage grain in the bin as carefully as they manage it in the field. Adding supplemental heat to natural air drying (NAD) can be an efficient and effective way to dry stored grain if done correctly. Here are the answers to some frequently

Grain Drying: 6 Questions About Effects Of Sudden Drop In

Ken Hellevang, grain drying and storage expert and extension engineer at North Dakota State University, answers 7 key questions from Nebraska and elsewhere in the Midwest about dealing with stored grain as temperatures plunge. With a sudden change in air

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Plan ahead for proper grain bin clearance In you are planning to build a new grain bin on your farm (or move an existing bin), please contact your local Touchstone Energy Cooperative to help you in making sure it is located a safe distance from overhead p

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J & P Grain is your solution to harvesting, marketing, and handling your grain commodity. We offer solutions for early harvesting, the ability to store your product safely for long periods of time, and we can turn your 4 man operation into a 1 man operati

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For large commercial grain bin moves, we have experienced machine operators to cost effectively and safely move your grain bin to its new location by use of heavy equipment. If the grain bin is being relocated a long distance, usually it will have to be t

Grain entrapment

Grain entrapment, or grain engulfment, occurs when a person becomes submerged in grain and cannot get out without assistance. It most frequently occurs in grain bins and other storage facilities such as silos or grain elevators, or in grain transportation

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“Our family has purchased multiple Conrad-American grain bins in the past five years. The team at Conrad-American is great to work with. They are very accommodating, quick to answer questions and will go out of their way for product support.

UPDATE: 62-year old man dies after getting stuck in grain bin

A 62-year old man is dead after police say he got trapped inside a grain bin near Twin Valley. ... Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should ...

Grain Bin Safety Awareness

2017-9-14 · Grain Bin Safety Awareness Presented by Safety & Technical Rescue Association. Introduction to SATRA Training Group and Instructors and background on each.

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You can use the University of Minnesota Fan Selection for Grain Bins (FANS) web-based program available from the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota. The program is very user-friendly and guides you through

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Frequently Asked Questions. ... The Narrow (2.66") corrugation is the original GSI grain bin line. This series is a popular choice throughout the United States and in several other regions of the world. The 32" (813 mm) tall sheets reduce the weight of ea

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2011-6-6 · Using the Fast Dry system, grain in the bottom of the bins got down to about 10 per cent moisture while some midway up and at the top was tougher. By augering the wheat out of the bin after seven days of drying, the mixing process brought overa

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64 lb/bushel Grain Weights. Sioux Steel farm bins are designed for grains weighing up to 64 lb/bushel. The industry standard is just 60 lb/bushel. Sioux Steel farm bins are designed for grain weights of the future. 51 lbs/ft3 Free Flowing Grains. Each bin